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Welcome to the website of the  WW2 Living History Association's WVS Mobile Canteen unit.


We, as part of WW2 LHA, are re-enactors that recreate the life and times of people on the Home Front during WW2. We appear in various places around the country, staging displays for the public to enjoy and hopefully learn a little bit about wartime life.


Whether you're a member, a prospective particpant or just someone who is interested in what we do, you will find these pages jam packed with loads of useful information about us, the WVS and WW2 in general.


Our Mission

The aim of our unit is to make the WW2 Living History Association more accessible to families of both participants and spectators whilst at the same time portraying a well-known but little-represented aspect of wartime life: the Home Front.

It is all too easy, when thinking about WW2 re-enactment, to focus only upon raging arena battles, thundering tanks, rattling machine guns and the soldiers who demonstrate them. And whilst these spectacles are impressive and essential, it would be unfair to dismiss the more domestic side of warfare.

In order to fully educate our audiences about WW2, a more extensive approach, incorporating all facets of life during the war, is what gives WW2 LHA the advantage over other, more military-focused groups.

Our goal is to create an authentically equipped mobile canteen such as the WVS might have set up during WW2 welcoming members of the public to experience a slice of life on the home front.